The SHIP Project

A process completed throughout 2007 was the Infill Housing Development with the Saskatoon Housing Initiatives Partnership.  This program brought together a multi-disciplinary team of professionals for the purposes of new housing / infill housing design to serve the Saskatoon market.  Specific restrictions/guidelines were levied on each individual team, creating a distinct challenge to the process.


Team #2 (Multiplex Unit) included:

with additional/operational input from:

The process kicked off in January 2007 with a full group session of all members. We completed the term session until June 2007 when a final presentation was conducted for all members.


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Background Site Observations Design Files
Background Site Location Initial Massing Study Integrated Design Article
Housing Projects Winter Site Photos Site Approach LEED Canada
Ecological Footprint Spring Site Photos Site Aspects LEED for Homes
Student Housing Assmt. Traffic Study Site Access-Traffic  
Demographics Solar Study   Modular Design
    Site Study 1 Design Concept 1
Meeting Notes Solar Data Site Study 2 Design Concept II
  Wind Patterns Site Study 3 Design Concept III
  Site Views Site - Lot Layouts Design Concept IIII
Partial Final Presentation
Full Presentation


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