This concept is derived from thoughts based on the communal aspects available between individual housing units.

It presents some opportunities for development into infill housing scenarios, though the footprint is quite large on each lot area. Standard residential construction keeps the technical details simple.


The basics of this concept are:

The table below takes you to the elements of the drawing.

Detail Button Detail No. Detail Name Detail Description Additional Comments


Overall Drawing The full drawing presenting the entire drawing illustrated. This page will provide an overview of the components listed below
C-Part I

C-Part II

1 Conceptual Development Graphics illustrating how the concept was developed Simple studies and explanations to the reasons why certain choices were made in this concept.
2 Exterior Elevations Full views of the exposed sides (for combined units).

A single unit would present a fourth view for the side.


really early conceptual elevations illustrating the plan resolution. Haven't really thought too much about finishes and glazing as the input of the team may determine most of that. Massing and roof lines still to resolve.
3 Building Sections Two cross-sectional views through combined units Early section studies for massing and interior volumes.
4 Lot Plan Paired  units on double lot Illustrates that it is tight for these units on a combined 33-33 lot width. There remains 4' on either side, which totals a minimum of 8;' between units; a distance still considered. tight.
5/6 Floor Plans Ganged 2-bedrooms units around a common central atrium atrium area illustrated, full balcony...Still being thought about but looking for team input.
7 Basic Unit Levels Individual Unit layouts complete with net floor areas A large scale graphic for the units and their functions.

Dimensions included for reference purposes.

8 Site Plan Entire Site illustrated with potential units A radial plan to the site circulation only. The paired units are aligned directionally; rotation doesn't work with the sizes.

Water element included on the SE quadrant of the circulation core.

Sidewalks/Paths reflect the solar solstice (see previous studies)

Rectilinear residences don't allow for optimum exposure to sun.  Clear views through atriums do allow solar access to interior spaces.

Short term parking illustrated since the pizza guy has to park somewhere during deliveries.  Can also be used for picking up/dropping off residents.

Thoughts on the outbuildings included.