Progress Review

4:00 - 5:30 p.m.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Pattison MGM Boardroom


A progress review meeting was held informally on the noted date and time.  The purpose of this review was to monitor the progress of the Candidate and advise of any relevant issues which may remain to be addressed as the design study continues.

This progress review meeting was attended by:

Mr. Roger Mitchell, SAA, MRAIC: RAIC Syllabus Program Coordinator

Mr. David W. Edwards, SAA, FRAIC:    RAIC Syllabus Studio Coordinator

Mr. Alton Tangedal, SAA, MRAIC:    Thesis Mentor

Mr. Reid W. Pattison, SAA, MRAIC:    Student Principal

Mr. Kurt Dietrich:    Thesis Candidate

A full set of meeting minutes have been completed and are located under the appropriate date in the "Agendas and Meetings" section of the Index Page.

Drawings presented at this review meeting include:

Parti    The original design parti developed during the curriculum preparation stages.

Block Study    Bubble diagram illustrating block relationships for the various sections/departments and proportional floor areas.

Functional 1    Functional bubble diagram illustrating relationships between the design areas and functions.

Functional 5    Functional bubble diagram illustrating the assembly of functional relationships for all areas.

Sketches 1    Early conceptual sketches completed during bubble diagrams and curriculum preparation.

Massing Study    Early block massing conceptual study incorporating all curriculum functional areas.

Instruct Area    Instructional Area Concept based on Educator requirements determined through meeting with Professionals and discussion relative to delivery of the curriculum.

IA Config 1    Conceptual sketches for instructional area configurations.

IA Config 2    Conceptual sketches for instructional area configurations.

Sketches 2    Sketches related to expansion of the Instructional Area to incorporate Lab Areas, related to curriculum delivery and programme requirements.

Cad Sketch 1    Cad graphic sketches related to assembly of spaces and potential geometry.

Cad Sketch 2    Cad graphic sketches related to assembly of spaces and potential geometry.

Plan Graphic    Overall plan graphic related to assembly of spaces on two levels; conceptual analysis of massing, scale, proportion and spaces was conducted on these sketches.

Concept    Presented graphic for conceptual design stage; related to the combination of Instructional Areas with Lab Areas to provide for the requirements identified in the Curriculum Sections, and related to Experiential Learning Concepts.

A summary of the specific curriculum requirements was developed during this stage.  This summary represents the specific items identified in each curriculum section relative to application, analysis and educational goals.  The summary includes:

    - Instructional Strategy

    - Student Activities

    - Assessment Method

    - Common Essential Learnings

    - Environment

    - Materials/Resources Required.

Each of these items has been previously identified within the individual curriculum sections. The summary contained herein is repetition of the items; no additional items or requirements have been added since the curriculum was completed and presented.

This summary was distributed to those present after the meeting.  A copy of the summary is available at the following link:

Curriculum Requirements Summary