Preliminary Programme of Design Spaces

This page is the introductory page for the programme of design spaces.  The files contained on this page will lead you to the database programme related to room data and requirements.

This page presents the preliminary programme for design areas.  These programme items are being completed as the curriculum sections are individually posted.  A full review of the database will be conducted upon final submission of the entire curriculum.



Proposal Text: 

 The thesis process continues through creation of an architectural program based on the curriculum, including functional and spatial parameters.  The architectural program will be created with the intent to facilitate the instructional aspect of the curriculum.  The architectural design concepts, leading to a final design solution, will be derived using the program requirements.

The culmination of this stage (Stage One) will be the curriculum, written and graphic, and the programmatic analysis and function relationship diagram for the intended design solution.  The subsequent functional program for the curriculum is produced from the research analysis.




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Preliminary Programme

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Programme dB Categories

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Programme Response




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