The Final Presentation

5:00 - 7:00 p.m.

Monday, 30 January 2005

Wascana Centre Authority Rotunda


The final thesis presentation was held at the noted date and time to jury the student work.

This presentation was chaired by:

Roger Mitchell, SAA, MRAIC: RAIC Syllabus Program Coordinator, Regina Chapter


The Jury for the presentation was:

Kirk Banadyga,             SAA, FRAIC; Architect

David W. Edwards,     SAA, FRAIC; Architect; Studio Coordinator of the RAIC Syllabus, Regina Chapter

Patrick Kelly,                 SAA, MRAIC; Architect

Sherman Martinson,     Educator


Rodd Stutt,                   SAA, MRAIC; Architect; Director of the Architectural Engineering program,

                                        Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology


Bron Nurkowski,         SAA, MRAIC; Architect; President of the Saskatchewan Association of Architects



The Thesis project completed by Kurt Dietrich involved the support of:

Reid Pattison, SAA, MRAIC; Architect, Candidate sponsor through the RAIC Syllabus Program

Alton Tangedal, SAA, MRAIC; Architect, Thesis Mentor

Ingrid Moisuk, Principal, M. McVeety Elementary School; Education Advisor

Sherman Martinson, Teacher (Grades 7/8), M. McVeety Elementary School; Education Advisor



The agenda for the presentation was:

1.               Introductions

         Roger Mitchell, Syllabus Coordinator


2.               Opening Remarks

         Ingrid Moisuk, Thesis Advisor


3.               Stage One Presentation (Background and Process)

         Kurt Dietrich, Thesis Candidate


4.               Intermission (10 minutes)

         Break between Stage One and Stage Two

         Snacks and Beverages Served


5.               Stage Two Presentation (Design Solution)

         Kurt Dietrich, Thesis Candidate


6.               Question and Answer Period

         Thesis Jury Members

         Open Floor Participants


7.               Closure

         Roger Mitchell, Syllabus Coordinator

         Final Student Determination


The presentation concluded at 7:00 p.m.

A closed jury discussion was conducted upon conclusion of the presentation.

The final determination for the project was a mark of "Pass".

The process is now concluded.

The presentation materials were displayed in MicroSoft PowerPoint format.  Please note that these visuals served only as the background for the student script; notations may appear out of context without the supporting verbal presentation.

An Adobe PDF File of the presentation is available by clicking on the following link:

Final Presentation


The images and drawings used during the presentation are available for viewing by following the link below:

Final Drawings