The Introduction of Architectural Design




    The links at the end of this page will lead you to text versions of this section.  This section provides an overview of architecture and its relevance in society. 

    This section also includes an outline of the curriculum development forms.  The curriculum forms will be used throughout each research section to provide the data for the building design and requirements for the curriculum, in order to meet the goals established by Common Essential Learnings.



Advisor:                Alton Tangedal, SAA, MRAIC

Principal:              Reid W. Pattison, SAA, MRAIC

Educational Advisor:    Ingrid Moisuk, Principal, Marion McVeety Elementary School

Educational Advisor:    Sherman Martinson, Educator, Marion McVeety Elementary School

Studio Coordinator:     David W. Edwards, SAA, FRAIC

Program Coordinator:    Roger Mitchell, SAA, MRAIC

All architecture is shelter; all great architecture is the design of space that contains, cuddles, exalts, or stimulates the persons in that space.

Philip Johnson


Proposal Text:

      This thesis intends to address the public perception of Architecture through an educational setting.  The thesis process begins with development of an educational curriculum for the purpose of instruction in architectural design principles.  This curriculum will be developed in consultation with practicing educators.  The curriculum will be developed during the research stage until it is deemed completed by the participating educators.

      The thesis process continues through creation of an architectural program based on the curriculum, including functional and spatial parameters.  The architectural program will be created with the intent to facilitate the instructional aspect of the curriculum.  The architectural design concepts, leading to a final design solution, will be derived using the program requirements.

      The final architectural design will demonstrate the method by which the delivery of the educational curriculum and architectural program have been incorporated into a built form.


This thesis will provide a design solution for a building to facilitate instruction of an educational curriculum related to architectural design principles.

  A brief summary of the proposed educational components to be reviewed relative to architectural principles includes:

              Design Elements




              Social Aspects



These components are intertwined, leading through a path of discovery as the design principles are derived and confirmed in the educational curriculum.

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Introduction to Architecture

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