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I have been involved in numerous activities which engage the public with the architectural profession. This site outlines a few of the initiatives created for the benefit of public understanding and interaction with the architectural field.

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Education & Instruction

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Participation in Student Career Seminars has been an ongoing activity since 1992.  I have conducted full day or sessional seminars for students around the province including Estevan Comp, Swift Current Comp, the Regina School Division #4 and the Moose Jaw School Division #1.

The format for these sessions has been more casual than rigid/formal as a means of engaging with the students.  The response to each session is generally positive.

A student hand-out has been prepared for distribution at each session.  This hand-out was prepared to provide an overview of the presentation and additional information for students to take home.  This publication has been compiled and revised over the years to incorporate as much relevant information as possible, without being overly cumbersome.  The presentation follows the format of the hand-out, adding a personal touch to the discussion based on my experience.

Career Day Hand-Out



My involvement with the school system has been ongoing, albeit sporadic, since 1992.  I first worked with Rosemont School (I. Moisuk, Teacher) on the Habitat For Humanity Project. 

Subsequent activities included:



The Elementary School activities have prompted me to prepare a brief outline of the requirements and intentions for an Elementary Design Class.  A copy of this outline is available for viewing by selecting the icon at the end of this section.

Elementary Instruction Format



I have been involved with the Regina Construction Association since 1997 as an Instructor for Construction Documents.


The RCA determined a need to conduct Blueprint Reading Seminars for their members though their initial thoughts dealt only with the drawing components.  This program has since evolved beyond that level.  It was my initiative to develop a course that covered the full range of construction documents. I felt that it wasn't enough to teach "how to read prints", rather that it was important to teach "what does this set of documents (drawings and specifications) mean to me?".


We have provided more than a dozen separate sessions of instructions to a wide range of construction trades.  Attendees have included new members of the industry as well as seasoned veterans.  One member noted at the conclusion of an early session "I wish I would have done this years ago....I would have made a lot more money if I had learned then what all this stuff meant".

Sessions have been completed for the Regina Construction Association on both levels, including the full course.  I have recently completed a successful session for the Ottawa Construction Association.


The program has grown to cover different levels of instruction, depending on the level of interest for attendants as well as their relative experience.  These  levels include:

Level ONE

Level TWO Outline    Level TWO Course    Level TWO Quiz

Full Session Brochure    Full Session Course