School Design Group



The Thesis completed in 2006 led me into the opportunity to work with a new class within the Regina Public School Division #4 system.  This class was a Grade 7/6 split.



The Elementary Instruction Format  (click)was prepared and reviewed with the Classroom Teacher.  We embarked on a twelve week curriculum which had an "educational fork" in the last quarter. 


The basic parameters of the process engaged the students to design their own private residence by:


The "educational fork" noted above allowed for students to continue with design/drawing studies in lieu of model construction.  This alternative path was created to respond to students who may either lack dexterity required in model building, or interest in that aspect of the task.  During this course, all students participated in the model building component.


Throughout the process, we challenged the students on their decisions and course of design by asking the question "Why?"  It was discussed at length how we felt that the students were free to design a house of their own choice.  It was clearly stated however that for every decision, students must be able to answer the challenge of "Why" with a rational explanation.  ("Uh, because?" was rejected as an acceptable answer at the outset of the course.)


 It was a very exciting process to be involved in.  The students were challenged to dig deep into their comprehension skills and math efforts in order to stay ahead of the schedule we assigned.  I am proud to note that all students exceeded my expectations.  This class is well ahead of their age group related to the course we carried out.


Along the way, students incorporated their own "stylistic" enhancements of the design including:


The end result was the production of designs and models that each and every student can be proud of.  An assembly was held in the school gymnasium which included a presentation compiled by the students of the entire process.  A public display of their models, combined with student explanation at each model, was completed in the gymnasium.



This process was both challenging (balancing workday demands and school schedules) and exciting.  I feel that we managed to teach the students a little more about their world and how they play a role in shaping.  I think the students managed to teach us that future generations have a lot to contribute.