Site Analysis and Design

            The site of a structure plays as important of a role as the actual design itself.  Siting involves the contextual aspect of architectural design, bringing with it elements of time, cosmic aesthetic, special enclosure and natural forces that contribute to the final product.


            There are two main elements to consider: technical and atmospheric elements.  Technical elements include land forms/topography, soil types, orientation and wind & water elements.  The atmospheric elements include time, place and cosmic influences.  These elements also include land usage (our impact on the environment), contextuality, relationship to the street or traffic and relationship of the site area to the building itself. 

           This stage illustrates the proposed solution through the use of diagrammatic studies.  These studies include:

The following links will load the initial analysis diagrams for the intended solution.  These diagrams constitute one component of the thought process of design.  They are another step in the process in developing the final solution.


The selected site is currently serving as the tree nursery for the Wascana Centre Authority.  Use of this site for the thesis project has been granted.  Preliminary site planning has begun as represented in some earlier sketches.  The following links will load the existing site information (plan and photograph).

Roadways Existing Site Plan
Adjacent Buildings Existing site photograph
Winds Location within Regina
Water Adjacent Buildings
Summer Solstice  
Winter Solstice  
Existing Landscaping  
Views out from Site