Student Presentation

3:30 - 5:30 p.m.

Friday, July 8, 2005

Pattison MGM Boardroom


A presentation was held at the noted date and time to review the curriculum, programme and design areas proposed for the thesis.

This presentation was attended by:

Mr. Roger Mitchell, SAA, MRAIC: RAIC Syllabus Program Coordinator

Mr. David W. Edwards, SAA, FRAIC:    RAIC Syllabus Studio Coordinator

Mr. Rod Stutt, SAA, MRAIC:    Jury Member

Mr. Pat Kelly, SAA, MRAIC:    Jury Member

Mr. Bron Nurkowski, SAA, MRAIC:    Jury Member

Mrs. Ingrid Moisuk, Principal, McVeety School: Educational Advisor

Mr. Sherman Martinson, Educator, McVeety School: Educational Advisor

Mr. Alton Tangedal, SAA, MRAIC:    Thesis Mentor

Mr. Reid W. Pattison, SAA, MRAIC:    Student Principal

Mr. Kurt Dietrich:    Thesis Candidate

Mr. Gerry McCudden:    RAIC Syllabus student


Mr. Mitchell chaired the activity which included:

 - Introductions between all persons

 - Presentation by Kurt Dietrich on completed curriculum, programme and design areas.

 - Round table discussion relative to the presented materials.

 - Review of future considerations relative to the student's thesis efforts.


The presentation concluded with a very positive outcome.  The thesis candidate was granted "approval to proceed" with some clarification and statements of objectives to be confirmed.

The presentation materials were displayed in MicroSoft PowerPoint format.  Please note that these visuals served only as the background for the student script; notations may appear out of context without the supporting verbal presentation.

An Adobe PDF File of the presentation is available by clicking on the following link:

Stage One PDF