Architectural Design



            A structure achieves meaning through the way in which its form relates to the contextual surroundings and also how it relates to the human persona that inhabit it.

            Architectural design is, at its basis, ideological in the manner by which it may promote and enhance social positions and ideals. The design of our environment, with the exception of some current trends, has largely been essential in defining our culture and sub-cultures.  Environmental design has also provided a long-term replication of cultural ideals in built form.

Proposal Text:


·        The Concept of Space: Review of personal versus private spaces.  A review of spatial separation, comfort zones, and applications for each type. Discussion and analysis of spacial separation. Item will review personal security and comfort;

·        Context of Society: The concept of societal values specific to the North American model of public and private relationships as they relate to architectural design of public spaces;

·        Role of the architect: A review of the influence of architects relative to building design and city planning.  Discussion relative to communicative and coordinative role of the architect to service the clients’ requirements.  Discussion related to design compromises, aspects of sacrifice, and key reasons for including specific design elements to suit program requirements.


      True education is concerned not only with practical goals but also with values.  Our aims assure us of our material life; our values make possible our spiritual life.  In its simplest form, architecture is rooted in entirely functional consideration, but it can reach up through all degrees of value to the highest sphere of spiritual existence, into the realm of pure art.

Mies van der Rohe

Address to the Amour Institute



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