Architectural Design



    Art is used in architectural design principles as a means of communication.  It is important to communicate the intended design solution to the client and users of the building.  It may also be critical to illustrate the design solution for the purposes of public awareness, civic approval or community involvement in the overall project. 

    The skill of using artistic composition including sketching, graphic presentation and various media techniques helps the architect to explain the theoretical solution.


Proposal Text:


         This section relates strongly to the Design Elements Section.  The artistic component of this thesis focuses on the use of art as a communicative tool relative to the completed or intended design solution.

·        Development of a design: Use of a sketch book, reflections of historic influences, collection of ideas.

·        Graphic presentation & analysis: Use of graphics as an illustrative tool to communicate the design solution.  Bubbles, diagrammatic views, graphic symbols, means and methods by which to illustrate the idea. Relates to section of “Colour, form, mass and shape”.

The Turning Torso, Santiago Calatrava

·        Artistic composition: Creating a display to convey a design solution.  Reasons for display types, knowing your audience and focusing on the clarity of the graphic presentation.  Artistic composition relating to specific graphics, board layout, organization and set-up.



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Art - Architectural Design


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