The Architectural History of

Western Civilization

This links at the end of this page will lead you to the submitted documents for this section.  This section reviews the history of architecture in Western Civilization. The period of review dates from 6000 b.c. to present day. This section presents an overview of the periods.  It is intended that additional study will be promoted in the classroom.

Proposal Text:


        History of architecture: An overview of the history of architecture covering the major periods of development. Discussion relative to the influence of context on period architecture.

Proportions of Man: Leonardo DaVinci 

        Development of architecture: Analysis of the development of early architecture based on the evolvement from master builder to design consultant and architect. Review of periods related to the great architectural triumphs: Vitruvius, Palladio, Brunelleschi, the Renaissance architectural movement, modern architecture and current trends.

        Historic Precedents:  Review of historic precedents in architecture and subsequent influences in terms of period and style.  Use of precedents in current architectural design.

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History of Architecture

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