The concept of Forum Architecture is simple - a social context for professionals to discuss what they enjoy most about the chosen profession.  A quick summary of the activities related to Forum Architecture can be viewed through the following link:

Forum Activities

Forum Architecture was formed in July 1995. Members on the original mailing list include:

 Terry Teupah, James Youck, Bron Nurkowski, Donald Sosna, Raymond Gosselin, Derek Lam, Alton Tangedal,  Kurt Dietrich


The concept letter forwarded to original members noted:

At present, there is no independent group for discussion of Architecture.  In practice, there remains a tendency to focus on the tangible concerns such as budgets, time lines, client demands, and technology.  When do we get the chance to just talk about the field, negating the majority of the aforementioned, focussing on the ideas and concepts?

 What is proposed is to establish a group for discussion of Architectural ideas, theory, trends & movements, and general crap, removing the business side of the profession.  The group would be made up of young professionals from various school backgrounds.  It would be non-partisan with all members on an equal level.   No chairperson or leader per se, we would each get a chance to talk and listen, and to pick the next location.  Meetings would be once a month at different locations (Offices, restaurants, coffee shops, whatever...) just to talk and share ideas and experiences.  Specific topics could be chosen for subsequent sessions, or we could keep it all open.  It is not intended that the discussions would require any detailed research or preparation for the meetings and the structure would be kept loose to allow free thought.

 What is required in terms of commitment is a guarantee that all monthly meetings would be attended.  Without this, the idea will not survive.  To make it easier to plan, the night could be fixed as the second Thursday or something like that.


Sessions were held monthly at various restaurants and lounges within Regina.  A typical format for review would present a discussion topic as follows:

Topic of Discussion


Mystique or Mistake"



   The group has organized and participated in many exciting ventures within the City of Regina.  These activities include:


1997Vision 20/20

1998University of Regina Design Charrette

1998Architecture Goes To School

1998RAIC Chapter/ Regina Society

2007A Meeting of the Minds